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Upper Cervical Care

Why Choose Upper Cervical?

Did you know that your nervous system affects several aspects of your health? That’s why a seemingly simple misalignment can quickly escalate into a severe problem such as nerve pinching or disruption of your brain’s signal transmission. Your entire body can go out of whack, putting you at risk of experiencing pain and other debilitating health problems. 

Our team at Roe Family Chiropractic is committed to helping patients fix their problems by realigning the neck bones using precise cervical chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Roe has extensive training in providing upper cervical chiropractic care to patients in Winter Garden for a number of years. 

We make sure that each patient receives customized adjustments that help them cope, experience lasting relief, and improve the quality of their life. 

How Upper Cervical Care Works

It’s common for people to assume that upper cervical care works like other traditional chiropractic practices. However, this type of technique focuses on providing gentle adjustments on the topmost neck bones, the C1 and C2. 

Thanks to its gentle approach to healing, thousands of patients use it as their go-to remedy for ailments like migraine attacks and vertigo. The adjustments are also precise, thanks to the detailed X-ray scans and other digital imaging techniques that reveal the three-dimensional structure of the upper neck bones. 

All the information gathered during the initial consultation allows our upper cervical doctor Dr. Roe, to provide you with the best chiropractic care in Winter Garden, FL. 

Once we have everything needed, we proceed to adjust the neck bones. To do that, we will require you to lie on your side so the doctor can apply pressure on the neck at a precise and well-calculated angle. Overall, it’s a quick and painless process that aims to encourage your vertebral neck bones to shift back to their original places. 

We then run X-ray scans and additional tests to gauge the changes made and determine if you still need to return for further adjustments. 

What You Can Get from Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care 

Besides gaining popularity among patients for its ability to reduce and eliminate pain disorders, upper cervical care in Winter Garden, FL also offers to help patients with the following conditions: 

  • Neck pain 
  • Chronic headaches or migraine attacks 
  • Vertigo 
  • Back pain 
  • Shoulder and arm pain
  • Sinusitis or nasal congestion or allergic reaction
  • TMJ disorders


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